CanDo International



The new CanDo OBD Aid allows you to safely check the OBDII DLC port to diagnose exactly what is causing communication errors. It is a fast and easy way to properly check your DLC port prior to scan tool communication or ECU flashing.

Features and Benefits:
-Conduct a safety check on OBDII DLC port prior to connecting your scan tool or flashing ECU
-Constantly monitor the battery voltage with warning beeps in the event of weak battery condition
-Warning beep will alert you when the voltage falls below 12V or when it rises above 15.2V while programming or coding
-Provides a quick check on the alternator charging condition
-Making voltage/frequency measurement at the pins during diagnosis communication with ECU when the engine will not start
-Detection of protocol and data communication during diagnosis and re-flash on the ECU.
-Colored LED lights display when a protocol is detected, grounds and voltage.

Operating Range: 7.0 ~ 24.0VDC Input
Maximum Load: Up to 5.0 amps. Output
Overload Protection: Yes, PTC Fuse
Monitoring Voltages: Yes, below 12V, higher than 15.2V
Protocols Detected: PWM(J1850), VPW(J1850), ISO 9141-2, DIS/ISO 14230-4, CANBUS (J-2284)
OBDII Connector: 88mm length



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