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The MOTO Pro is a comprehensive, full-functionality scan tool for motorcycles and recreational vehicles. With today’s modern motorcycles having computer systems controlling not only the engine, but brakes, transmissions and much more, it is now imperative to have a scan tool that can access these systems and make diagnostics and repair much faster.

The MOTO Pro covers all major manufacturers from Europe, Asia and North America. Furthermore, PWC, or personal watercraft is also covered, as are recreational vehicles, such as ATVs and Side-by-Sides.

Features & Benefits:

    • Coverage for all major motorcycle, recreational vehicle and personal watercraft manufacturers
    • Full system coverage – as long as there is an electronic module, you will be able to access it!
    • Read & Clear Codes
    • View Live Data
    • Perform injector tests and self-adaptive resets
    • Perform actuator calibrations, such as idle and throttle
    • Rider assist coverage
    • Immobilizer coverage
    • 8″ Android Tablet
    • Complete Connector Suite
  • One year free update