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GPR-100 Glow Plug Reader

The new GPR-100 Glow Plug Reader offers a quick and accurate solution for Technicians and Do-It-Yourselfers to easily read diesel glow plugs. By eliminating the glow plug removal process and testing the glow plugs on the vehicle you will save time & money. Self calibration with Mult-Voltage capability expand the readers ability to include ceramic type glow plugs.

Features and Benefits:
-Comfortable ergonomic design for ease of operation
-Easy to read screen with graphic display of actual condition and resistance value of glow plug
-Self calibrating with audible tones for high resistance, shorted, and other glow plug performance conditions
-Multi voltage glow plug testing for all voltage ratings including ceramic type glow plugs
-Save time and money by not having to remove glow plugs for testing
-Built in LED light for testing in low light conditions
-Plug in diagnostic cables for ease of replacement (Prevents whole unit replacement in case of cable damage)

-Self Calibrating with single button operation for on, off and calibration
-Reads condition while the audible tones notify for high resistance, shorted an other conditions
-Multi-Voltage capability for reading glow plugs of all types including ceramic.



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