CanDo International

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy?

Here is our current list of distributors:


Fleet Pride
Napa Auto Parts
Cornwell Tools
Diesel Laptops
M. Eagles Tool Warehouse
G2S Equipment
AE Tools

I am having software or hardware issues. Who do I contact?

You can email: or call our support line at 1-909-CanDo-11

CanDo HD PRO ll Screen Calibration

To perform a screen calibration press the power button on the HD PRO ll, you will see a green progress bar. Hold down on the green progress bar until you enter Calibration Mode. If the unit boots to the home screen, please repeat power off and on again.

When you are in calibration mode, using your finger or stylus, press and release on + sign on each corner to calibrate. Once done, it will bring you back to home screen.

Does the HD Mobile work on both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the HD Mobile is compatible with both operating systems.

Does the HD Mobile have software updates?

The HD Mobile software is always being improved and features being added. With updates being released as functions improve, check your phones App Store for the newest releases. It is always recommended to keep your software up to date.

How long is the warranty?

All products come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. The date of warranty begins on the date of purchase or registration of the unit.

Is there any new updates or features for my product?

You may find the update software under the specific product on our product page. Once the unit is updated, it will give you recent version that is available.

Is the OBD Aid a breakout box?

The OBD-Aid is much more than a breakout box. It will run a diagnostic check on pin voltages and is a pass through device which can be used in line with a scan tool during programming. It will also monitor protocol and communication through the LED indicators.

Can the GPR-100 be used on any voltage glow plug?

Yes, one of the GPR-100’s features is its ability to test glow plugs ranging up to 24 volts.

Can the BAT Plus be used on spiral cell batteries?

The BAT Plus has the ability to test “Wet Type” and “AGM” type batteries like the spiral cell batteries.


Volvo 500k

Diesel Heavy Vehicle < Volvo < Current Version < Mack/Volvo OBD16 < Auto Detect < EMS Engine Management System < Actuation Test < Exhaust Aftertreatment System, Service Regeneration < Diesel Particulate Filter Service Regeneration

Volvo 1708

Diesel Heavy Vehicle < Volvo < Current Version < Auto Detect < Actuation Test < Classification by Function < Diesel Particulate Filter Service Regeneration


Diesel Heavy Vehicle < Sprinter < Current Version < Special Function < DPF < Sprinter < 906/900 < CDI4 < Special Function < Diesel Particulate Filter <Regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter


Diesel Engine < Paccar < Current Version < Aftertreatment < EAS < Active Test < Regenerate the DPF


Diesel Heavy Vehicle < Isuzu < Current Version < Enter By System < Powertrain < 6HK1 <  Powertrain < 6HK1-TC After 2007 < Special Function < Advanced Features < DPF Normal Regeneration


Diesel Heavy Vehicle < Hino < Current Version< 16 PIN < By System < Engine System < Hino Engine < Special Function < Check Functions < DPF Check < DPR Forced Regeneration


Diesel Heavy Vehicle < International < Current Version < Diesel 6-9 Pin or Green 9 Pin < Auto Scan < MaxxForce DT/9/10(2007-2009) < Base Functions < Actuation Test < KOER Aftertreatment Test < Onboard Filter Cleanliness Test


Diesel Engine < Cummins < Current Version < Diagnostic Mode < Cummins Diesel Engine Auto Detect < Diesel 6-9 Pin or Green 9 Pin < Confirm < Action Test < Aftertreatment Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration


Diesel Engine < Detroit < Current Version < Manual Select Engine < DDDL7 (EPA07 and EPA10 Engines) < CPC2 < Actuation Test < DPF System < Perform Parked Regeneration