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Reset Plus is designed to reset oil and service reminder lights on vehicles 1996 and newer. For vehicles that require a manual procuedre, instructions are displayed right on the screen.¬†Today’s vehicles require the Oil Service light to be reset after a routine oil change. Many vehicles require a complex procedure to perform these resets with instructions often too difficult to find. The Reset+ makes it easy with step-by-step instructions right on the screen! Additionally, some European vehicles have many maintenance resets such as air filter, brake pad service or cabin filter replacement – The Reset+ performs these along with many other electronic OBD maintenance resets.

Features and Benefits:
-Reset Oil & Sevice Reminder lights on Vehicles 1996 and newer
-On-Screen instructions included for manually reset vehicles
-Free Internet updates ensures communication with the latest vehicles
-Fast and Easy Operation
-One Year warranty
Added functions based on manufacturer:
-Oil Reset
-Service Reminder Reset
-Microfilter Reset
-Front Brake Reset
-Rear Brake Reset
-Vehicle Check Reset
-Spark Plugs Reset
-Brake Fluid Reset
-Cooland Reset
-Vehicle Inspection Reset
-Exhaust Emission Reset
-Diesel Filter Reset

The Reset+ is perfect for repair shops, lube shops or do-it-yourselfers.


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